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Wednesday, March 04, 2015
Christmas-enhancing activities Print E-mail
By Ken Satterfield

Party It Forward ( Based on the “Pay It Forward” book by Catherine Ryan Hyde and the accompanying movement ( Throw a party and ask people to support a worthy cause instead of bringing gifts.

Buy Nothing Christmas ( A Mennonite movement offering a stress-relieving alternative to a commercial Christmas. Includes a poster, stories, resources and many alternative ideas.
Christmas Gathering ( Host a gathering of friends to share the true meaning of Christmas.

Love Your Neighborhood ( Products for sale to encourage neighborhood events, including a front yard Christmas pageant or a Christmas tea.

Generous Giving ( Encourage­ment and tools to en­courage you to experience the joy of giving through life and resource stewardship.

JustGive ( Tools and services to make charitable giving part of our everyday lives.

Servant Evangelism projects
( Steve Sjorgen suggests a variety of projects including those related to the Christmas season, such as Christmas gift-wrapping. You can also subscribe to a free Serve e-zine.
Write a note: If you’re handy with a pen (or a keyboard), tell someone what they mean to you. Write a poem. List how they make a difference. And, don’t limit yourself to friends and family — include teachers, leaders, the postman, beautician and others.

Time-shift the holidays: Caroling, visiting seniors and shut-ins ­— if it works in December, why not share that same care during other times of the year?

GivingWorks: eBay allows you to sell items and donate between 10 and 100 percent of the proceeds to your favorite cause. ( You can also have a home or community yard with a pre-arranged cause or charity in mind.
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