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New Voice Media Group is a strategic alliance of Baptist communications organizations to provide a "multimedia platform" for historic and progressive Baptists and other global Christians.

New Voice Media:

  • Creates a cooperative network of communication partners.
  • Provides a state-of-the-art "multimedia platform" to disseminate news, features, opinion and information.
  • Creates an online gathering place for historic and progressive Baptists and other global Christians to share ideas.

New Voice Media Group gives Baptists the tools to come together around their shared vision -- grace-based ministry, biblical faith, cooperation without conformity, and soul freedom without compromise.

New Voice equips them to:

  • Become stronger Christians
  • Nurture families and healthy congregations
  • Transform their communities
  • Reflect the presence of Christ in the world

New Voice Media Group was launched in 2007 by four founding partners -- Associated Baptist Press, the Baptist Standard of Texas, Word&Way of Missouri and the Religious Herald of Virginia.

Publishing partners

The four founding partners collaborate to produce their news publications, sharing a similar graphic design and a “core” of content. Other publishing partners could include news organizations, Baptist groups of any size or location, and affinity groups that could benefit from cost- or content-collaboration.

Identity partners

Universities, institutions, Baptist ministries, and individuals vitally concerned about historic Baptist identity can become New Voice identity partners, collaborating through advertising, financial support and strategic planning.

Digital media 

All New Voice partners will have a presence on our network of inter-related websites -- all sharing one database but accessible through a variety of customized, branded home pages, each with a unique Internet addresses.

Online community

God is drawing together disparate segments of the Baptist world into a new movement of collaboration -- among denominations, congregations and individuals, inspired by Jesus' message of Christian unity.

The role of New Voice Media Group is not to create that movement but provide the communication tools that bring God's people together.

Through blogs, chatrooms, affinity-group forums, ministry resources and interaction around articles and issues, New Voice creates the electronic "gathering place" where God's people can dialogue and find their common voice.

New Voice Media Group, strives to be the go-to website for historic and progressive Baptists, as well as others who share those values.

Users will find:

  • Breaking news and features
  • Podcasts and video downloads of news events, seminars, resources
  • Columns and essays by leading Christian voices.
  • Interesting and helpful blogs
  • A YouTube-like section for videos.
  • RSS feeds of New Voice content delivered to your website.

Funding the future

New Voice Media Group is funded by advertising, publishing revenue and contributions from individuals, organizations and identity partners. Contributions are particularly important to launch the alliance and to endow the digital infrastructure necessary to compete in the electronic marketplace of the future.

To become a partner in the New Voice alliance, or for more information, contact:

Marv Knox
Publisher, New Voice Media Group
Editor, Baptist Standard
Newsjournal of the Baptist General Convention of Texas
P.O. Box 660267
Dallas TX 75266-0267
(214) 630-4571, ext. 13
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David Wilkinson
Executive Editor
Associated Baptist Press
P.O. Box 23769
Jacksonville, FL 32241
(904) 262-6626, ext. 2
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Bill Webb
Editor, Word &Way
Newsjournal for Baptists in Missouri
3236 Emerald Lane, Suite 400
Jefferson City, MO 65109
(573) 635-5939, ext. 206
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